On March 15, 2024, we held on social event between the officials from four local governments (Noshiro city, Mitane town, Oga city and Yurihonjo city) in Akita Prefecture, where we are developing offshore wind projects, and the workers and the students from Tokyo metropolitan area. At 3x3 Lab Future in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, the officials from the four local governments took the stage as panelists to discuss on the theme of "the past, present and future of Akita offshore wind power." In addition, a booth was set up at the venue for the sampling and tasting of the local food products from each region and was also used for the introduction of sightseeing spots and culture of the region. Including online participants, the event drew about 100 attendees, who took this opportunity to actively communicate with the local government officials.
We would be very happy if this event gave them a chance to take a close look of the local people's effort, leveraged by offshore wind project, to fight with the problems like depopulation and labor shortage, and to find about Akita's potential in tourism and food.